Todays News in 100 Words or Less

New Unemployment Rate: 8.6%


The national unemployment rate dropped from 9.0% to 8.6% in November, the lowest level in over 2 years. Isn’t that great news? Well, mostly. 

The economy added 120,000 new jobs in November, the Bureau of Labor Statisticsreports, all in the private sector. But it’s not quite so simple: Part of the fall is due to the country’s shrinking workforce, which fell by .2% as 315,000 unemployed Americans simply gave up looking for work.

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American News Short: Sun setting on Sandusky

Why is this Sandusky case so big?

Sandusky, a previously well-respected Assistant Football Coach at an American University, is accused of molesting boys, at least 10 and likely more. 

This story is gaining a lot of attention because the University football team is considered one of the best in America. Secondly, the University knew about Sandusky molesting boys but decided not to act on it because football is a major revenue source.

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American News Short: Blagoyawhat?

Who’s Blagojavich and what did he do? (100 words)

Bladojavich (pronounced Blah-goy’-uh-vich) or B. for short, was the Governor of Illinois when Barack Obama was elected President. Obama had to vacate his seat in the senate, so instead of having another election, American laws have the governor appoint someone to finish out the term. B tried to auction that seat to the highest bidder. After swearing he was innocent for years and after appealing to Americans on reality shows (B on Celebrity Apprentice and his wife on I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here), the courts found him guilty and now he is sentenced to 14 years (but he’ll probably be out in 5).

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World News Shorts

What’s the deal with Iran? (61 words)

Iran has been developing Nukes for a while. They have the Nuke tech, but not the missile tech. The West has been putting pressure where it hurts. Iran ransacks brit embassy.

The EU takes sides with the brits and adds even more economic pressure on Iran via sanctions and embargoes. Everyone is still buying Iran oil.  


More in-depth look click here. 

American Politics Shorts

What’s the deal with the GOP? (100 words)

Ok, so there are a bunch of crazies with too much money, and one not so crazy and even richer guy, running the Republican Presidential Nomination. The not so crazy guy Mitt Romney is not leading the polls. The guy leading the polls is a pizza businessman with a tax plan of 999 (which is 666 upside down). The plan is to tax everyone 9%. Cain has no political experience other than being mayor of the popular simulation videogame, Sim City.

Every candidate is continuously making it more difficult for Republicans to pick the right candidate. Flubs can found here.

World News Shorts

What’s the deal with Pakistan? (102 words) 

So the good guys told their Pakistani buddies that they found a truck laced with bombs heading their way and asked them to take care of it. Pakistan said, “Sure, sure. No problem pal,” but let the trucks go by. The bomb trucks hit a Nato base and injured too many people.

Next thing you know, there’s an accidental friendly fire incident where Nato planes kill Pakistani soldiers in their own base. Ooops.

So Pakistan in retaliation kicked out US lead air base in Pakistan and closed the boarder crossing into Afghanistan that was being used to provide supplies to the Allies.